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Choosing the wrap to change the color of the car can solve the problem that we can't choose the color we like when we buy the car, and can meet our personalized needs. For those who want to be different from others and have their own unique style in daily life, it is necessary to change the color of the car.

So why choose to change the vinyl car wrap? Compared with paint color change, the color change wrap does not need to damage the original car paint, but can be directly pasted on the car to cover the parts that need color change. In addition, there are few parts to be disassembled for the color change wrap. Except for the logo, other parts can be kept as they are. The difficulty of disassembly is small, and there are few parts to be disassembled. The vehicle with the color change wrap will collide. Because of the way of applying the car wrap in different areas, it is only necessary to replace the damaged part of the car with a new vinyl car wrap of the same color series as the previously applied car wrap. Due to the long-term stability and non-fading ability of the vinyl wrap, there will be no very large color difference in the appearance of the new vinyl car wrap and the car wrap previously pasted on other parts. The paint of the original car needs to be worn off before painting. Before painting the car, a lot of car parts need to be disassembled. During the disassembly process, many parts need to be replaced because they are disposable, and the decomposition process is also very difficult.

To avoid unnecessary waste and extra costs. Before you place an order, we recommend that you buy our new color board or A4 sample, which includes a variety of colors and materials for you to choose. You can better understand the color, quality and appearance of the selected materials, and ensure that you choose the correct color before purchasing the complete volume. This can avoid additional costs and time waste in the subsequent replacement and return process. At the same time, you can place the color board next to the vehicle to better observe their colors. In addition, through the comparison of samples, you can better understand the effect of each color under different lighting conditions and better evaluate your color change effect. Our samples can make you more confident in choosing the color that best suits your car and ensure that the color you finally choose meets your expectations. After purchasing the color palette card, you can confirm your choice and then place an order to purchase the color modification service of automobile vinyl wrap.