How To Maintain

What should I pay attention to after the film is applied?

  • At the initial stage after the construction is completed, the adhesion of the film is low, do not touch, especially the edge part. There will be a possibility of bubbles or blisters afterwards, which is a normal phenomenon and may disappear naturally after 10~20 days, or you can return to the store for treatment or consultation for timely treatment. Car wash should be done after the film is dry (about three days later), do not spray with water gun against the seam of film and car paint. Do not use brushes, abrasives or sponges with abrasives to clean the film surface. Use soft wet cloth to wipe the film surface with water, if you need to remove the film, it must be operated by professional technician.

What should I do if there are small scratches (hair marks) after applying the film to the body?

  • The tiny scratches (hairline marks) formed on the surface of the film due to various reasons such as car washing, sand, etc. will gradually return to flatness under sunlight.Vinyl Car Wrap has a good memory and will regain its last shape when it encounters heat.

Can polishing and waxing care be performed?

  • Except for matte vinyl car wrap, other films can be taken care of like normal cars. There is no need for glazing or coating, just waxing to get a good mirror shine effect. It is not recommended to polish often, so that the polishing technician does not operate properly to throw the film thin.

Will it blister and open up at the edge when washing the car under high temperature?

  • It is normal to have individual small bubbles within one month after construction. With the increase of usage time, it will naturally restore the smooth surface. The temperature of the sun will make the film stick to the paint surface more firmly and the edges will not open up.

Will there be any color difference if I need to replace it partially after a period of time for special reasons?

  • There is no color difference, the molecular structure is stable, so the color quality is stable; there is no color difference between different batches and years. If the color difference is felt on the surface, it is because the surface of the film body becomes dirty after a long time.

Is the matte vinyl car wrap easy to attract dust? Can I directly wipe it with a wet cloth if there is dust?

  • Matte vinyl car wrap is also flat, but it is treated with a special technology to give a matte finish. It does not attract dust. You can wipe it with a wet cloth when there is dust, but you have to pay attention to the strength, otherwise scratches will appear. Matte film is not polishable.