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Do you have a favorite color? Do you have a favorite material? Kaka vinyl car wrap has a variety of materials and colors. In terms of colors, we have a complete range of colors. In terms of materials, we mainly focus on matte vinyl car wrap, gloss vinyl car wrap, and color flip vinyl car wrap. In addition, we have subdivided other materials. 

Fluorescent color is a very bright and dazzling color, very difficult to control, many people on its attitude are at a distance, fluorescent color is nicknamed "death fluorescent color". But with the development of social diversification, fluorescent color has become a trend color, when we add a little fluorescent color to the original ordinary things, we will find that its absorption rate seems to have a qualitative improvement.The gloss fluorescent vinyl car wrap series has a super impact on the senses. Compared with other car wraps, its saturation is particularly high, gloss and pure metal fluorescencet vinyl car wrap color variety is very rich, which is very in line with the current trendy car owners' needs for color change, and they can show their own style at any time during travel. What are you waiting for? Come chat with us and find out the car image that matches your heart!