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Our car wrap products have the effect of corrosion isolation, can resist the erosion of weak acid, weak alkaline and petroleum diversion products, effectively protect the car in the acid rain, acid mist and harmful gas environment from damage, while blocking the sun's rays, keep the original paint glossy and bright.

A series of car wraps like pure metal vinyl car wrap has smooth and bright surface layer, strong texture, highlighting the lines of the body, easy care and maintenance, suitable for high-end business cars, and can better reflect personal taste. The pure metal vinyl car wrap not only has a matte texture, very similar to matte vinyl car wrap, but also has a brighter reflective effect in the light, which can make your car collide with an elegant and calm visual beauty after adding the electric light effect, and lightly interpret a high-quality fashionable style.

Under the reflection of light, every place can reveal a sense of luxury. In the dark, it feels bright and not dull, and it can show bright vision even in limited light.