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There is an old Chinese saying that if you want to do something, you must sharpen your knife first. Good tools can help you get twice the result with half the effort and achieve better movie effects. If you choose our wrap, please remember to order wrap aids together. Using the correct tools can make the film more efficient and accurate, reduce unnecessary errors and waste, and also make the wrap more beautiful and uniform.

When you decide to charter your own car, you need to prepare vinyl packaging tools in advance:Temperature control heat gun、Wrap tool、Tape measure、Masking tape、Multipurpose products、Double-sided tape、Fishing line、Car Wrap positioning sticker、Alcohol、Fiber towel、Particle-free scouring pads、Wrap Gloves.

  • Car wash mud: covering a layer of car wash mud on the car surface can effectively remove the oil and impurities on the car surface, and ensure that the car surface is clean and flat for subsequent operation. At the same time, the car wash mud can prevent bubbles or loose adhesion when sticking the film.
  • Dust-free cloth: first, drive the vehicle to the dust-free workshop. Generally, it is better to choose a dust-free space for construction, because there is less dust in the air, which is more conducive to ensuring the quality of construction. The car should be cleaned first, and then thoroughly wiped with a dust-free cloth. The dust-free cloth is a special fiber material, which will not leave any fluff or impurities on the surface, and can effectively avoid bubbles or affect the viscosity when applying the film. At the same time, the dust-free cloth has the function of absorbing dust and impurities, which can ensure the cleanness of the film.
  • Car cleaner: used to clean dirt such as dust and grease on the body surface to ensure the adhesion of the film or paint.
  • Repair fluid: used to repair small scratches and paint oxidation on the car surface.
  • Sandpaper and polishing cloth: used to polish the car surface to make it more smooth.
  • Apply adhesive tape and plastic cloth: used to protect the vehicle surface from pollution and damage during film application or painting.
  • Hair dryer or hot air gun: used to heat the film when sticking, so that it can better fit the body surface. The nozzle of the hot air gun should be perpendicular to the heating surface and the distance should be moderate; At the end of heating, the power supply of the hot air gun should be turned off in time to prevent the handle from being at high temperature; Do not touch the nozzle of the hot air gun in use or just after use; Avoid putting the hot air gun in use together with the chemical scraper. High temperature will cause the chemical scraper to melt.
  • Gloves: The car needs to go through the high-temperature baking film when pasting the film. It is pasted by the way of horizontal baking. Wearing the glove film can protect the hands from being burned. It has no effect on the result of the film and will not affect the feel of the hand. Wearing the glove is for heat insulation.
  • Art knife: The use of blunt art knife will lead to the tearing of membrane material or irregular cut, so it is necessary to maintain the sharpness of the blade to ensure the accuracy of cutting. When cutting the color changing film with an art knife, be careful to avoid hurting your fingers or other parts. It is better to use protective measures such as cutting pads or anti-cutting gloves. Before cutting the color change film, it is necessary to determine the correct direction and position to avoid wasting materials or cutting errors.
  • Magnet support fixing tool: without the help of other personnel, select a magnet support of appropriate size to ensure that it can completely fix the sticker and vehicle surface. When fixing the sticker, pay attention not to use too much force to prevent the magnet bracket from scratching or wearing the vehicle surface.
  • Infrared thermometer: When applying the film to the car, the use of infrared thermometer can help determine the temperature of the car surface and ensure that the surface temperature reaches the best adhesion temperature of the film. This is very important for the film effect and durability. If the temperature is too low, the film material may not fully adhere to the vehicle surface; If the temperature is too high, the membrane material may be deformed or burnt. Therefore, the use of infrared thermometer can ensure the safety and quality of the film.

The above is the full introduction of using tools. I hope it can help you.