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The car wrap on our website can change the body color and paint or decals as you like without damaging the original paint. Compared to a full paint job, car wrap is easy to apply and protects the integrity of the vehicle better.

which are bright and transparent, with a bit of crystal light, and pearl-like smooth and delicate, which are the real display of fashion and dynamics, suitable for fashionable men and women with flashing and active temperament, adding a dynamic atmosphere to the car.

More realistic metal effect: Due to its surface effect of simulating real metal, the metal effect of metal paint vinyl car wrap is more realistic, with a more vivid metal texture, which can reflect strong light and enhance the visual impact of the vehicle. The carwraps made of metal has a more layered appearance effect, because the texture and reflective effect of the metal surface make the surface look more three-dimensional, which can highlight the texture of the vehicle, and is more eye-catching than other materials. Compared with other gloss vinyl car wrap, metal paint vinyl car wrap are more durable and can resist more physical damage, such as scratches, impacts, etc., and can protect the vehicle surface more effectively.