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Are you still struggling with what color to choose for your car? Are you still thinking about the price? Are you still thinking about after-sales service?That may first look at our store products, our store car wrap belongs to vinyl car wrap, green environmental protection does not produce any toxic side effects on the paint, human body and nature, color selection is rich and diverse, the price is convenient and affordable, cost-effective, the more you buy more discount more!

Like the sparkle vinyl car wrap series, it breaks the dullness, and the young heart refuses to compromise on "spotless cleanliness". There is a sense of sight, which makes the car look better and more in line with your own appetite. Add pearlescent particles to the gloss vinyl car wrap. While improving the gloss of the paint surface, it adds a sense of grain, which is more visually rhythmic. The flash point of pearlescent texture reflects the brilliant sparkling diamond effect in the sun. Add more fashion charm to the body. It is called pearlescent film because it emits sparkling pearlescent light under sunlight.