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Our Kaka is a vinyl car wrap with a non-irritating odor base. The air guide grooves are well organized and breathable. Less orange peel lines, on board effect color uniform glossy full. You may chat with us, maybe you can find your favorite car wrap here.

Compared with high-gloss color car wrap, matte vinyl car wrap can better cover up the defects of the body paint, and the final effect is more understated, but has a different flavor. For example: The ultimate flat series is the top1 in light absorption. It can absorb more light on the basis of matte, so that the vinyl car wrap does not produce reflections and bright spots when it is exposed to light, without a trace of light. The color is more vivid and the texture is more mellow and silky. With Ultimate Flat Vinyl Car Wrap on your car, you can add a touch of wild to your car and look like a gentleman with a wild personality underneath.