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Our kaka vinyl car wrap comes with high density air duct, good air duct effect, easy construction, firm paste, remove no residual glue does not damage the paint, dry paste construction does not blister, up to 3-5 times the malleability, tensile non-discoloring non-breaking, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, acid rain resistance, comprehensive tight fit to the whole car, no cracking, no warp edge. Just like the original paint.

The matte diamond vinyl car wrap is different from the gloss diamond vinyl car wrap, the same effect is visible to the naked eye fine diamond effect throughout the whole film surface, the gloss diamond vinyl car wrap can shine in the light after installation, and the matte diamond vinyl car wrap is in the crystal luster can not be ignored at the same time, but also by its calm atmosphere temperament, Because of Kaka vinyl car wrap's unique fining technology, the drudger and vinyl car wrap blend perfectly into the film surface. It not only brings together the effect characteristics of the pearlescent film, the film surface is also very flat, more convenient for cleaning care.