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Kaka vinyl car wrap products have specially treated surfaces that are hard, scratch resistant and resistant to wear and tear. Vinyl car wrap silicone composite layer acts as a binding agent to prevent air bubbles from forming. It has the best air channel on the market. It is the most reusable and can be washed and reused. Our products can be repeatedly pasted without any trace, no corrosion surface. The use of good toughness, not easy to damage.
Like Gloss Diamond Vinyl Car Wrap this series of pearl-like effect is obvious, a close to the effect of lacquer, especially beautiful and natural. Gloss diamond vinyl car wrap material has many bright spots, when there is light, like stars will twinkle. Silver low-key luxury, gold sunshine free and easy. Gold diamond vinyl car wrap has a lot of gold sparks, silver diamond vinyl car wrap will also have a lot of silver sparks. Especially sparkling in the sun, full of personality! Like a diamond, eye-catching! The matte diamond vinyl car wrap has less sparkle effect, and is more elegant and highlights the texture of the car body, but the gloss vinyl car wrap will be more popular with the public.