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Khaki vinyl car wrap is a color between light yellow-brown and yellow-brown, so khaki is also a synonym for this color. Khaki vinyl car wrap is often difficult to define. It looks like apricot with light brown. Its appearance always makes people confused and it is difficult to determine the true color position. The color position of khaki is like its inclusiveness, which is inclusive of everything and difficult to define. It is the color of soil, rocks, trees, the most rustic color of nature. At first, we even confused khaki vinyl car wrap with brown vinyl car wrap and beige vinyl car wrap; in the military style, we equated general green with khaki. From deep to light, from beige to brown, khaki can be used to define. Khaki vinyl car wrap is not only earthy, but also a natural color, close to beige and brown, but definitely not brown. However, dark khaki looks similar to brown. Khaki. It is never dazzling, it seems to look down on everything, but it touches the deepest point of emotion, which makes people never get tired of it for a long time.