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Our Kaka vinyl car wrap can completely isolate the finish from the air, preventing the finish from aging, oxidation, scratches, etc. The body color will become their favorite color, while the car paint has a good protective effect, so that the vehicle is more personalized; Compared with the whole car painting, the modification film construction is simple, better protection of the integrity of the vehicle; The autonomy of color matching is stronger, and there will be no trouble of color difference in different parts of the same color; If you want to restore the original paint, just remove the film.
Our ultra matte vinyl car wrap this series is similar to the matte vinyl car wrap velvet texture, but the ultra matte vinyl car wrap will be lower reflective rate, light blur is not obvious, soft light sense, not dazzling. There is a quiet senior, power, showing a quiet introverted, low-key and a sense of power. If you are interested, you can come and learn about it.