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Kaka vinyl car wrap belong to polymer materials, selected quality, no deformation, no fading, seamless fit, good tensile properties, easy to stick, no blistering, no warping, durable and stable, color lasting as new, no glue, with the tear, with the paste.
Kaka store launched a special series of crystal vinyl car wrap, so that the various colors of car wrap into the crystal-like material, looks particularly bright and elegant and pure and exquisite, surface formed a slightly rational color of cold industrial style, the whole car body looks both soft and eye-catching, Moreover, the crystal vinyl car wrap is very similar to gloss fluorescencet vinyl car wrap, and the color is very full.

Crystal series is the most common pure color carwraps on the market, but through the brightening treatment of the polished surface to achieve the texture of the paint surface, and the price is cheap, it is more popular with the public.