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Do you want an excellent car wrap, Kaka vinyl car wrap will provide you with more choices, which can perfectly help you choose the color and material of the car wrap. All things are revived, and the grass and trees are turning green, full of the power of awakening life. Green vinyl car wrap is the most popular color in the vinyl car wrap, and there are many kinds of green, some green can be as calm and atmospheric as black, and some green can be as noble and elegant as white. The right green vinyl car wrap can not only show your color taste, but also exude a unique personality charm.

Metallic apple green vinyl car wrap, a color exclusively for summer, green like green apple ice cream, a color exclusively for young white-collar workers! Ultra-dumb metallic dark green, which combines the metal texture of time and space. Compared with the gloss vinyl car wrap, the combination of matte、metal feeling、dark green is a bit "top" in front of the trend. The deep dark green is combined with the metal texture of time and space. , free in retro and fashion, making this Tesla a bit more mysterious.

Ultra-matte green blue vinyl car wrap is a fusion of coolness and aurora green, gentle yet lively, pure and dynamic.

It uses clear, low-saturation ultra-matte blue as the background color, which changes with the change of light and viewing angles. The elegant blue wrap surface shines with green light, which is gentle and unique. It seems that the breath of summer is scattered on the car body, and the irresistible fresh color scheme is exciting!

And our purple vinyl car wrap has more advantages. It not only allows car owners to change the color of the car without destroying the original paint, but also provides extra protection for the car surface. The vinyl car wrap has various properties such as scratch resistance, sun protection, acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively protect the surface of the car from external factors. We also recommend the green vinyl car wrap series of under the Kaka car wrap platform, I believe you will also like it.