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Do you want an excellent car wrap, Kaka vinyl car wrap will provide you with more choices, which can perfectly help you choose the color and material of the vinyl car wrap. Gold is a slightly darker yellow, the visual effect of a yellow object with a very smooth surface and a metallic texture. It has a lustrous, metallic gold color. Gold symbolizes nobility, glory, luxury and splendor. Gold can symbolize sparkle, brilliance, and bright representation. There are a variety of materials for gold vinyl car wrap, including bright electroplating, lacquer and crystal series, etc. You can choose at will. Glod vinyl car wrap also matches with many colors. Ultra-matte blue charm gold is composed of blue and gold. Under the sunshine, the light blue body exudes a metallic texture, giving people an elegant and cool tone, which makes people love it. Matte diamond gold white vinyl car wrap, pure white and dazzling gold, under the sun, the diamond wrap flickers and sparkles, as if the moonlight is falling on the car, full of high-end sense. With white blessing, it looks even more distinctive. No matter what the occasion, it can be easily controlled. And our vinyl car wrap has more advantages. It not only allows car owners to change the color of the car without destroying the original paint, but also provides extra protection for the car surface. The vinyl car wrap has various properties such as scratch resistance, sun protection, acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively protect the surface of the car from external factors.Friends who like gold must not miss it! ! We also recommend the silver vinyl car wrap under the Kaka vinyl car wrap platform, I believe you will also like it, click to have a look!