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Kaka vinyl car wrap products are delicate and tight, with strong resistance to wear and tear and durable performance, lasting and stable color sense, no discoloration and no fading. The special light-transmitting coating makes the color more crystal clear, with natural and mild color, perfectly showing the transparent texture of the body.

Macaron Vinyl Car Wrap is a dream style, incorporating colorful macaron elements into the vinyl car wrap to show a different kind of softness and romance. Moreover, macaron vinyl car wrap has lower color saturation than crystal vinyl car wrap. The macaron shades are generally simple and generous, and look more elegant and stylish, both refreshing and a little lazy. Macaron vinyl car wrap style can also give people a sense of relaxation, when the mood is not good to see more macaron colored items than to see the monotonous color of things in a good mood faster. The lighter shade of macaron is very suitable for young women.