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Through the way of wrap can not only play a protective effect on the original car paint, slow down the oxidation rate of the original car paint and the problems such as accidentally scratched in daily life. At the same time, you can also change the color of the body. The color flip vinyl car wrap has a very strong texture, uniform and bright color, and the original car paint perfect fusion.

The biggest feature of the color flip vinyl car wrap series is that there are different visual effects under the sunlight, gorgeous and extremely charming. 

Compared with monochrome color car wraps, For example gloss and matte white to vinyl car wrap, color flip vinyl car wrap can show different color effects at different angles, and the color effect is more cool, while monochrome color car wraps can only change one color. Color flip vinyl car wrap uses high-quality materials, with more stable quality and service life, which can better protect the car body. However, since the color effect of color flip vinyl car wrap depends on the direction and location of the installation, the installation of car wraps requires more advanced skills and experience than monochrome color car wraps.