How To Wrap

The first method, dry sticker method:

  • Generally applicable to motorcycles, small cars or small range, small area within the film. Before applying the film, generally clean the location where the color change film is to be installed, you can use ordinary soapy water to clean, you can also choose a cloth without fiber shedding, plus a certain concentration of alcohol, etc. to wipe, with the wipe range completely dry, and then apply the film. Use a baking gun to warm up the color change film, soften it and use a squeegee for finishing to make it fit the body better; and use a hobby knife for fine cutting and correction of special parts. Generally speaking, when applying the film, stick one end first, after fixing, use the tool to scrape flat while uncovering the backing paper, if it is only a small range of film, you can directly tear the whole fast to apply the film. Of course, before the film must be careful not to stain the dust, particles, but also try to avoid the film before and after the adhesion. To avoid affecting the integrity of the film, as well as the degree of beauty.

The second method, the wet sticker method:

  • Generally used for ordinary car film, or some large area of the installation of stickers. If you have no experience in film application, you should try to work with two or more people to apply the film. First clean the surface to be pasted, before preparing the paper, please spray glass water evenly on the surface to be pasted, mainly used to reduce the stickiness of the sticker and facilitate the position adjustment; after determining the position to be pasted, lift with the car sticker from right to left or from top to bottom and press with a rag on the car table, then paste and flatten with the rag to reveal the bottom paper; try to dry the water in the car sticker. If the conditions allow, you can use the air duct moderate heating dry.