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Welcome to our Kaka car wrap sale website! We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative vinyl car wrap products for car enthusiasts all over the world, helping you create a unique and personalized car. Kakawrap is a professional brand focusing on automotive film products and services. With the popularization of professional construction technology and the successful promotion of high-quality wrap products, Kaka has officially detonated the car wrap market since then.

Our vinyl car wrap is produced by the world's leading car wrap manufacturer, using the most advanced technology and materials, with excellent durability and UV resistance, ensuring your car can maintain its bright color and perfect appearance for a long time.

We have a wide range of products, including Matte, Pure Metal, Matte Frosted, Diamond, Metal texture and many other materials and colors, so that you can customize the color-changing design as you like. We also provide customized services, which can be customized according to your specific needs and requirements to ensure that your color changing film fully meets your expectations and needs.

On our website, you can easily browse and purchase all kinds of vinyl car wrap products. We support multiple payment methods and global logistics and distribution to ensure your shopping experience is smooth and convenient.

KaKa Vinyl Car Wrap Category

Gloss vinyl car wrap

  • Glossy car films are more vibrant and lustrous, filled with youthful energy and are an apt choice for most young and stylish men and women.

Matte vinyl car wrap

  • Matte car films are relatively low gloss and dark, calm and atmospheric, like matte diamond, super matte, matte and ceramic which are particularly popular.

Color flip vinyl car wrap

  • The Color flip range of films incorporates other single or multiple colors on top of the original base color, and when applied, will look even more colorful when exposed to the sun.

Carbon fiber vinyl car wrap

  • As a three-dimensional textured matte color film, it makes the body look more calm and atmospheric from a distance, while it is full of texture when viewed up close. The color of the film is mainly black, white and gray, which can be used for the decoration of the car body, but also for the color change of the interior, which is more suitable for medium and high-end class, taking the stable route of the car.

Fluorescencet vinyl car wrap

  • Fluorescent series of car film belongs to the super impact on the senses, its saturation is particularly high compared to other car films, very much in line with the current needs of hipster car owners to change the color, travel at any time to show their own style.

Midnight vinyl car wrap

  • The midnight series of film incorporates the atmosphere of midnight, giving the impression of being more mysterious and noble, with a sense of oppression, and the overall feeling of being unable to stop, which is relatively suitable for some meticulous and strict customers.For more vinyl car wrap materials, you can browse kakawrap homepage

Why Choose Our Car Wraps?

  • Material: Vinyl.

Environmental protection, good corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to permeability, bonding is also good, good temperature difference resistance, good abrasion resistance, good construction processability, room temperature curing and easy to repair.

    • Aging Test:

    Test(65℃, seven days): Standart - High-temperature release without adhesive residue, Result: no adhesive residue

    Test(-65℃, ten days): Standart - Low-temperature release without adhesive residue, Result: no adhesive residue

    • Storage period:

    3years(if stored as +10°C to +20°C for optimal storage environment, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place)

    • Adhesive:Low-Tack Pressure-sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
    • Irritating odor:None
    • Breathability: The air guide grooves are clear and orderly, with good breathability.
    • Orange peel pattern: orange peel pattern less, the effect of the car uniform color glossy full.
    • Top protected film(um):36±2%  



    lease liner(um):180±2%(paper)/130±2%(plastic)

    • Product texture: high hardness, not easy to leave scratches.
    • Dimensional stability:atte shrinkage less than 3%;lossy shrinkage less than 4%;

    What are some of the new experiences you will have?

    • Appearance: Create a unique.
    • Personalized fashion: Make your car unique.
    • Color:Full color, random change, random combination of textures, random paste, parts any replacement.
    • Maintenance: only need to wash the car, no need to do paint beauty.
    • Protection of the paint: anti-scratch, no need to do paint beauty, seal the original car paint luster.
    • Follow-up film replacement: no residual glue, no adhesive residue after removal, no damage to the original car paint.