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In fact, it is a good choice to paste wrap on your car. After pasting wrap on the car, the car paint is not easy to be damaged. This car wrap can isolate the car paint from the air, prevent the car paint from aging gradually in the long-term wind, sun and rain, and make the original paint use for a longer time. Our Kaka vinyl car wrap shop sells vinyl car wrap products. We have a professional research and development team, as well as our sales partners. We look forward to serving you!

Many owners like white, but afraid of less personality, so matte white to vinyl car wrap series is super suitable for you! Whether it is white to gold, white to blue, or white to pink, it is very nice! For example, matte white to pink vinyl car wrap, which makes people feel pure and elegant, but when it lingers in the light and shadow, it will glow weakly, "just like the thin and pale blush on a girl's face, which is delicate and attractive to the eyes. Enough to let the owners who like plain white and want to be unique find surprises everywhere. Both color changes and film surface texture and gloss are very good! This beautiful low-key color car wrap does not poke you! Come and contact us!