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Our car wrap is made of PVC, which is seamlessly fitted to the whole car body and is more durable and wear-resistant. The three-dimensional sense is strong, the film surface is stable and does not shrink.

Most car owners prefer to put on gloss vinyl car wrap because it can increase the brightness of the original paint by 30%-50%. Compared to matte vinyl car wrap of the same design, Glossy vinyl car wrap have a richer color range. This finish is shiny, making it easy for glossy vinyl car wrap to stand out, with a clear sense of modernity and vitality.The shiny surface of the sticker has a shiny appearance that allows light to be reflected off the sticker. When light directly shines on the sticker, the sticker will produce strong glare.When to choose glossy sticker vinyl:If your car decal or sticker comes in many colors, please choose a glossy one. Clip art, pop art, and anime decals look great on smooth surfaces. In addition, glossy stickers look more eye-catching outdoors.